eBay Mandates include both Required and Recommended Aspects (Item Specifics).  These are classified by eBay and are intended to help guide sellers as to which Item Specifics must be completed, and which should be completed.

Optiseller's aspect finder + will now also provide a view on "Required Soon" aspects, to help you keep ahead of the eBay Mandates.

There are also "Additional" aspects, but these are not included in the eBay mandates thus far.

The report will now breakdown the listings related to Required, Required Soon, Recommended and Additional Aspects:

The totals are related to the number of listings with action required, not the number of aspects.  As you complete the listings, the totals related to Required and Recommended will reduce.

Within the report, the totals are also shown;

The totals can be used to filter (by clicking on them)

And for the aspects, there are icons that indicate if they are required, required soon or recommended. You will also see Buyer Demand star indicators:

The Optiseller Category Lookup Tool also shows this information for all categories, including the additional aspects and the high Buyer Demand star indicators and Values:

The high Buyer Demand star indicators are telling us which item specifics are being used most often in filtered searches for this category. A 5-star rating means that this particular item specific is highly used.

Value is the number of searches over the last 30 days for this item specific.

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