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New Features being added to Aspect Finder + from 23 September 2021
New Features being added to Aspect Finder + from 23 September 2021

New Features added to Aspect Finder + saving you time and effort!

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You've been telling us how we can improve Aspect Finder + and we've been listening!

The new features added to Aspect Finder + detailed below are designed to save you time and effort when updating and improving your Item Specifics.

We all know that sellers and businesses have limited time available to optimise their listings and these new features will help you reduce time spent on managing your Item Specifics.

What is Filter Builder?

This feature will enable users to filter on a combination of data points in the listings view, which means it can show the exact products you want to edit. This will save a lot of time and effort and will help all sellers.

What is Bulk Update?

The new Bulk update tool will mean instead of updating one listing at a time, users can now do it in bulk by selecting more than one listing and choosing the "Apply Suggested Value" menu option. You can also bulk apply both "Suggested" values and "Recommended" value separately.

What is Find and Replace?

This feature will allow sellers to select one or more listings giving them access to an additional Bulk Update menu option. In the menu, you can now find and replace any blank values across all listings. For example, you may describe some of your listings as "Rouge", but eBay wants it to be "Red", you can use this new feature to update all and replace all descriptions of "Rouge" in just a few clicks.

What is the additional bulk update?

The additional bulk update menu appears when you click on one or more listings when you are in Aspect Finder+.

What's Covered?

Item Specifics are key to increasing your visibility and sales on eBay. Aspect Finder + shows where and how you can improve Item Specifics for your listings. The changes we have made now means sellers save time and effect with the added benefit of increasing your visibility and helping you drive more sales.

  • Filter Builder

Choose the category that you wish to focus on once you are in that category click on Filter Listings, which can be found on the right hand side as per the screenshot below.

Once clicked on Filter Listings you will see a drop down.

Here you can use the dropdown to filter by eBay Mandates, Out of Stock listings and Item Specifics.

  • Bulk Update

Bulk update gives you a number of options.

Here we shall explore, Apply Suggested and Recommended.

Apply suggested and recommended

First choose one or more listings that you want to bulk update. This will then show the additional bulk update menu.

Once you have clicked on Apply suggested or recommended values you can Replace missing values with suggested values and or Replace seller created values with recommended values.

Either option can be filtered by Item Specifics

  • Find and Replace

Choose the listings you would like to bulk update as per the screenshot below.

Once you have chosen the listings you wish to bulk update you can then click on Find and Replace.

Here you can then filter by Item Specifics, then you can state the value you want to change and finally enter the value you want to change it to and click "OK"

  • Send Selected

This is not new to the tool but you will see it in the bulk update menu. This enables you to send your updates to eBay.

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