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eBay UK - Aspect Finder for Tyres
eBay UK - Aspect Finder for Tyres

How the aspect finder can help you with item specifics in the Tyres category

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From 31 July 2018, eBay specified that sellers need to provide the following item specifics on new, revised and relisted tyre listings:

  • Unit Quantity

  • Tyre Width

  • Aspect Ratio

  • Rim Diameter

  • Speed Rating

  • Tyre fuel efficiency (A-G)

  • Wet grip performance (A-G)

  • External rolling noise (dB; class)

Good 'Til Cancelled listings will continue to auto-renew. However, eBay strongly encourage you to update your listings now so buyers can find your items quickly and easily. If you don't, they'll become invisible to buyers who filter for listings.

If you don't have these key Item Specifics populated, then buyers are unlikely to find or purchase your products.

To access the tool for Tyres, subscribe to the Aspect Finder tool.  If you can't find it see this article

Select "eBay UK - Parts & Accessories" from the list

Then click "Start"

Optiseller will email you when your report is ready.

The report will allow you to view, amend and update any gaps in your listings as required.

For more information see this article.

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