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How long until an Aspect Finder+ report is ready for me to review?

The first stage for the tool is to download all the required data for the configured report. Larger stores will take longer for this process to be fulfilled, once the store's data is downloaded to Optiseller it will then begin the Finding Aspects stage. When Finding Aspects the tool is comparing the store's current values for eBay compliance as well as assessing which missing values can be populated. In both case the tool will make suggestions where possible.

The time to completion is dependent on the size of the store and the current server volume. In times of high demand on the service it will take longer for the report to be compiled. You do not need to leave the Optiseller window open as the report will continue to process and you can come back later.

What are the differences in the data for each country?

Regional Differences 🌍

The item specifics available across eBay's categories can be extensive and we have the Optiseller Aspect Finder tools and the eBay Category Look-up to help you with all the available options.

There can also be differences for each country in what type of information is included in the item specifics, to help with this we have started to list those that are not well known and we will expand this as we become aware.


Unit quantity and unit type do not display in item specifics for the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy or Spain.  These values appear instead as part of the Price.


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