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Overview of Aspect Finder +

Why do I need to use the Aspect Finder?

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The key to growing sales on eBay is making sure you're including item specifics (aka Aspects) in all your listings. Not only does this make it easier for buyers to find your products on eBay (and through Google Product Search), it also helps them decide whether to buy or not.

With Optiseller's Aspect Finder + you can get going quickly. We'll scan your active listings to see which ones are missing and add any of the values we find to a file for you to update your listings with.

The chances are you already have some of the missing values in your titles or descriptions. But when you're dealing with a large number of listings, working out which ones do, and which should be replicated in item specifics can be a real challenge.

Here is a short video showing you how to get started with the Aspect Finder + tool.

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