Aspect Finder+ now supports a native Neto format!

If you use Neto to manage your inventory and revise eBay listings from within Aspect Finder, then Neto will by default overwrite any of the changes. However, to work around this, you can export the data from Aspect Finder+ and import to Neto allowing Neto to include the valuable Aspect Finder+ data when revising your eBay listings.

To access this you can select it from the normal export areas of the aspect finder (both for all categories and a specific category)

* Note: this option is only available on reports generated after 12th Aug 2021. If not available, refresh your AF+ report.

Then, from within Neto, you can import via settings:

Then its "complex", and run through the wizard for "Product Import"


In the update options within Neto, you need to set "Replace Existing Record" under "Product Specifics Update Options", otherwise some item specifics will be appended rather than replaced. Only products in the file will have their specifics overwritten.

(this is covered in more detail in Neto's documentation)

You're all set! All data from Optiseller will then be reflected on your Neto product data and sent to eBay next time to you synchronise.

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