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Aspect Finder - Interpreting the Downloadable files
Aspect Finder - Interpreting the Downloadable files

How to review and act on the aspect finder general output files

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The aspect finder produces a Summary Report and a General Output File.

The totals reported may appear daunting at first but typically where there are lots of corrections if may be the same thing across the board, for example using "Main Colour" instead of "Colour".

When you Download the report files using the button, you will get a zip archive containing a file for each category scanned.

Each file is structured as follows

  • First columns are focused on the aspects that are being sought - and the associated actions recommended by Optiseller. e.g. Style, Dress Length, Colour

  • Then the Listing identifiers - ItemId, Title, SKU

  • Then all item & variation specifics from your listings (including corrected values)

When you open in Excel, as the file is a CSV, you may have to resize the columns, or convert to a table to make it more readable. 

Incorrect Values are only advisory and not required for mandate.  However if you do correct them you will benefit in search and filtering.

Missing values for mandated items are required. If Optiseller finds a value for the mandated item you should review and apply to your listing or it will fail to revise after the mandated date.  If optiseller does not find a value, you should try to populate these.

Incorrect aspect names - e.g.  "Main colour renamed to Colour".  These are also required for the mandate.  You should either rename the aspect correctly, or add the correct aspect name in addition to the existing one.

Reviewing some more specific examples

Style Notes - Incorrect value: Tunic: this means that the Style aspect is present, but has an incorrect value of "Tunic".  Currently in dresses, eBay would recommend "Tunic/Smock Dress".  The tool did not find a suitable value anywhere else in the listing data.  See the recommended values here.  This is not required for the mandate but would benefit sales.

Dress Length Notes - Existing value: Midi:
The aspect is present and has a valid value.  No action is required.

Colour Notes - Corrected from Main Colour. Incorrect Value: Multi: The aspect "Colour" is not present but a known alias "Main Colour" was identified.  The listing should be amended to use Colour instead of Main Colour.  The value "Multi" is not an eBay recommended value.  In this case, it should be Multicoloured.  We are looking at adding aliases for these.This is required for the mandate.

Incorrect value:Maxi. Corrected from Title: Maxi Dress: The aspect is present but has a non-recommended value according to eBay's recommendations.  A correct value was found in the title. This is not required for the mandate but would benefit sales.

Please note that the data provided is recommended as guidance only and should be checked prior to application.

For more info on how to apply the changes, see the articles related to File Exchange and the common listing tools -

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