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OptiRating scores your eBay listings based on several factors including Listing Visibility, Shipping, Pricing, Category and Images. The higher your OptiRating score, the better your listing is optimised to perform well on eBay.

Single Listing Review

The OptiRating breakdown can be explored in more detail using the Single Listing Review tool by entering a URL or eBay Item ID:

The score is displayed along with the breakdown of the KPIs that drive the score.

Pro Trader Lite

The OptiRating is also used within the Pro Trader Lite extension which brings the power of Optiseller to the eBay seller hub, scoring your live listings and providing guidance on how to improve the listings.

Aspect Finder+

The OptiRating is also coming to Aspect Finder+ with each listing being scored to help you decide where to focus your efforts

OptiRating is also available within the filters

OptiRating in Aspect Finder+ will be updated if you revise the listing on eBay, or if you re-generate the report.

Listing Checker

OptiRating is also available in the Listing Checker tool. This tool is a chrome extension that displays scores (and breakdown) as you browse eBay listings:

This tool is available for free, and can be used on your own listings to help guide you in improvements, or you can review any listings to see how you measure up against potential competitors.

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