This article provides an overview of the tool which allows you to review and manipulate the data provided by Optiseller. 

The raw data files are still available if you prefer to work with them.

When you open the report, you will be presented with a drop-down to select the category that you wish to work with - click "view results" to see the associated data.

In the example above, there is one listing within the "Sofas" category.  

Actions Required

The tool highlights different scenarios:

  • Missing means that Optiseller was unable to source a value for this aspect and you should complete this to comply.

  • Found means that Optiseller has found a value for one of your missing aspects.

  • Seller Created means that the listing has a value but it is not one of eBay's recommended values.  This does not require any action but the listing will not benefit from any eBay search indexing or filtering for this aspect.  If Optiseller has managed to source a suggestion, it will be shown below and can be clicked to apply the recommendation.

  • No Action means that the value is populated correctly and is one of eBay's recommended values according to the category taxonomy.

  • Recommended is when a Seller Created value has been modified to a recommended value.

When you edit a field, the field will become dotted to highlight this:

When entering values, if available Optiseller will provide an optional list of the recommended values from eBay for the aspect:

Once the necessary changes have been made, the data can be revised directly on eBay or exported in the desired format.

Data can be reset to the original values by clearing the textbox.


The tool allows you to filter results as follows:

  • "Mandatory for Compliance" will include all items that have missing or found values.  The missing values should be completed and found values reviewed to comply.

  • "Optional Improvements" will include all items with Seller Created values and any suggestions that can potentially improve sales by driving better search presence.

Revising directly on eBay

Listings can be revised individually, in batches or all at once. In

Individually via the "send" button in each line.
Batched when multiple listings are selected using the check-boxes via the "Send Selected" button which appears
All via the "Revise on eBay" button under Revise All.

A warning is displayed to highlight issues to be aware of when revising directly:

Exporting Data

If revising directly is not suitable, the data can be exported.  Data can be manipulated within the tool to suit and then exported via the "Export Data" section:

Choose the format required then click "Download".

Note: Our eBay File Exchange format does not currently support variations.  However, variant listings can be updated directly from the tool, or SKU level data is available in the Magento or Basic file formats.

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