The Optiseller eBay Listings Download tool provides the ability to easily collate & download your complete listings’ data for backup, editing, or uploading to a new a seller tool or sales platform. 

All listing data including Item Specifics will be downloaded in CSV file format for you.

  • All store listings, active & inactive.
  • All listing data including Item Specifics.
  • A downloadable dataset to process.
  • Easily manage data backup & recovery.Easily upload to other seller tools & sales platforms such as Amazon. 

  Use the standard "Download Listings" service.

You can optionally download description data & fitment data as these can significantly increase the file size, and excel does not display the description data clearly inside one cell if it is very large due to the size.  If you do not need description data, deselect.

You can also download all, selected (by uploading a list of item ids) or by category.

The data is provided in CSV / Excel format and includes all of the key elements of your listing data.

The standard fields included are

  • Site
  • StoreId
  • ItemId
  • SKU
  • Title
  • Price
  • SpecialPrice
  • Qty
  • HitCount
  • Watchers
  • QuantitySold
  • OutOfStock
  • Ebay_Category_1
  • Ebay_Category_2
  • Store_Category_1
  • Store_Category_2
  • Weight
  • Image
  • ProductEAN
  • ProductISBN
  • ProductUPC
  • ProductMPN
  • ProductGTIN
  • Description (option to choose this)

The download also includes a column for all Item Specifics that are specified on your listings.  If you list in different categories with lots of different item specifics, the file will include all headings across all categories.

The file will also include any compatibility data you may have on your listings if applicable.

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