Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Optiseller Free Trial require Credit Card details?

  • Optiseller's Free Trial sign-up process requires a valid Credit Card. This allows your Optiseller membership to roll into a paid subscription quickly and easily should you decide to move into a paid plan during or at the end of your Free Trial, helping you avoid any historical data gaps in your store reporting.

  • This information also allows us to maintain our free trial limit of one per customer, enabling us to focus on users (like you) who are actively interested in the tools we have to offer.

Can I cancel during my Free Trial?

Yes you can cancel at any time during your 7 day free trail.

If I intend to cancel, when should I do this?

  • If you intend to cancel during your Free Trial, you can advise us at any time. As long as you let us know we can cancel your trial at the point you advise us or at the end of the 7th day.

Which subscription level can I have a Free Trial on?

  • You can have a 7-day Free Trial on any of our packages, choose from the Starter, Essential and Ultimate plans.

What is the term of the Optiseller contracts after the 7-day Free Trial?

  • Optiseller has the option for a 12-month contract or a rolling monthly contract (rolling monthly is available for our Starter and Essential plans only). You can see further details on our pricing plan.

Do I have access to all the tool features during the Free Trial?

  • There are a number of features you will not have access to until you switch to a paid subscription such as:

  1. Export & download data from Aspect Finder+.

  2. Perform bulk updates in Aspect Finder+.

  3. Drill into the detail within the Store Performance Dashboard.

  4. A limit of 10 tries in trial to the Category Lookup tool.

  5. Essential Plan holds will have a limit of 5 tries in the trial of the Single Listing Review tool.

Can I end my Free Trial and start my subscription early in order to access additional features?

Yes! Should you wish to access the additional features as detailed below you can end your Free Trial and start your plan.

With Aspect Finder+ should you wish to export & download data, perform bulk updates or access the Store Performance Dashboard or Category Look tool you will be met with the prompt below giving you the option to end your Free Trial early and switch into a paid subscription.

What tools are included in the Starter and Essential plans?

Starter Plan

Essential Plan

To help you get up and running head over to our Getting Started page.

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