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Common queries with the Optiseller Parts Compatibility Tool

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Why are my listings not matched?

The Optiseller Parts Compatibility Tool works by inspecting eBay listings for Product Identifiers, which are then used to search a parts catalog. If a single match is found then the data is made available as a File Exchange ready format to create or revise existing listings.

If you do not have product identifiers or have entered "Does Not Apply" on your EAN or Brand / MPN fields the tool will not be able to match your listings.

For UK and MOTORS, the tool then attempts to find a match in the eBay catalog and if no matches found, looks for other listings with consistent representations of fitment.  See for more info.

Why does the home page say it's downloading my listings?

In order to get the best benefit of the tool we must download your listings before you start. As soon as this is done you will be given access. Please bear in mind that the more listings you have the longer this will take.

Listings are downloaded via a queue. If you have a large store, then this may take slightly longer, and if the tool is experiencing a higher number of requests than normal then this may also delay things.

Under normal circumstances, we would expect around 500,000 listings to take about 2-3 hours.

How do I use FileExchange?

Alternatively, if you use a listing tool or My Ebay to list / revise then you can extract the Ktypes from the file CSV files we produce and enter them into your tool. [KEEP]

What is the difference between file exchange and seller manager pro?

Selling Manager Pro is a UI based integration with your store whereas File Exchange is a file upload service that uses .csv files to create or update listings. You can get more information on both of these eBay services here and here

Do you provide listing functionality/management?

We do not provide direct listing management. This tool will produce an export in a format compatible with eBays FileExchange service which allows you to upload the results to amend existing listings with fitment data. When creating new listings the export is populated with the fitment information and the required columns which should be manually populated.

The file should also normally have enough information to allow you to re-purpose it for other listing management tools - e.g. SKU / ItemID / Title help you identify your products.

What is an ePID?

This is a unique number created by eBay to identify products easily within eBay product catalogue.  When you use an ePID to list, the full product data held in the eBay is populated into your listing automatically.  This means the listings' data can be populated accurately with little effort and the correct category selected automatically.  Because the ePID can alter the listing you must be happy with those changes before you apply any new ePIDs.  Be aware that this can alter your items' category, condition and item specifics.

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