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Parts Compatibility Finder

Use Optiseller to find eBay catalog and compatibility data for UK & eBay MOTORS sellers

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What is the Parts Compatibility Finder tool?

The tool provides vehicle parts compatibility for both cars and motorcycles and our eBay Store Performance Dashboard. So not only can you make sure you have your compatibility sorted, you can also keep track of your sales performance and identify other areas to improve your listings.

We make it simple for you to state which vehicles your parts are compatible with, and for buyers to find the right parts for their vehicles.

What is Parts Compatibility?

Parts compatibility is a better way for sellers to list parts that fit a variety of vehicles. It's also a great way for buyers to find parts that fit their vehicles. With new parts compatibility listings, you can create one listing describing a single part and add a complete list of compatible vehicles. This eliminates the need to list one part multiple times to ensure all compatible vehicles are found in search.

Why should I use part compatibility listings?

Using parts compatibility, enables you to include a detailed list of compatible vehicles for a single part right in one listing, reducing the number of listings you need to create. Compatibility information appears on the item page and is searchable. Your parts compatibility listings get a boost in Best Match search, and you can use your 80-character title for popular search elements like brand or part number to better market your listing.

Who would use the Parts Compatibility tool?

Seller who sell in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category.

Which counties is the Part Compatibility Finder tool available in?

How does the Parts Compatibility tool work?

The Car Parts Compatibility Finder tool works as follows:

  • Scan your eBay store listings

  • Extract vehicle information (if present) and parts-related information including EAN, Brand & MPN from your listings.

  • This information is then cleaned up and compared to our list of synonyms and used to lookup our datasources for a match.

  • If a match is found, then we will return you a file-exchange ready file with the relevant revise information for your listing which will include Ktypes and Fitting position data.

For the tool to be effective, you should either have vehicle information in your listing titles or product identifiers such as EAN, Brand & MPN in your item specifics.

For vehicle information, the tool requires to match on at least Make, Model and Year or Year range, but the more information the tool can find, the more accurate the matches provided will be. Some examples are below, getting better going down.

"Ford Mondeo Hatchback" - this would not match as it does not have any year info
"Ford Mondeo 2004" - this would match on Ford Mondeo models that started to be manufactured from 2004
"Ford Mondeo 2004-2007" - this would match on Ford Mondeo models available from 04-07
"Ford Mondeo 2004-2007 Hatchback" - this would match on Ford Mondeo models available from 04-07 with the bodystyle hatchback
"Ford Mondeo 2004-2007 Hatchback 2.2 TDCi" - this would match on Ford Mondeo models available from 04-07 with the bodystyle hatchback and 2.2 TDCi engine

Years can also be provided using 2 digits e.g. 02-04 02 04 etc

The results can be filtered and exported by brand, category, sales performance.

The data can also be filtered for Listings that do not already have existing fitment, listings with increased fitment, catalog matches (relevant in certain regions only), and listings matched based on other listing data:

If an eBay ePID cannot be located, the tool will then attempt to source the fitment data using other marketplace data with stringent checks in place to verify that the data is valid for the product.

How to use the tool (for UK)

New users should sign up here - Optiseller sign up. You will receive an email confirming your details and instructions on how to login to the tool.

Please note: if you are on the white-listed eBay program, your store will automatically get processed and you can skip to step 3 below

  1. Sign up for either the Essential or Ultimate plan to access the Parts Compatibility Finder tool

  2. Once signup is completed, you will see the store being processed on the home page, and when completed you will be able to access your report and download the results.

The report page allows you to view the results, filter and export data.

The key aspects of the results page are


The guidance section provides a summary of the items scanned, how many matches and also suggestions for improvement. In this case we can see that there are 7484 listings that have partial vehicle data which suggests there are vehicles in the titles but not detailed enough or perhaps missing year information.

The logfile can be downloaded to view the exact details of matches and failures to match.

  • Total Products Processed: Total number of listings processed. If the tool is run multiple times, only listings that have changed in a way that would affect the chances of matching will be re-processed. For example if the title or product data changed

  • MVL: the different levels of match confidence using vehicle information to cross reference the eBay Master Vehicle List (MVL)

  • EasyProduct match: Items where we found at least 3 other listings with consistent fitment records.

The filters allow you to export via brand, category, listings with at least X sales, items that do not have any fitment, items which will increase the fitment, items matched with epids only, and items matched via other listings only.

Pro Tip - Having compatibility on your listings is the equivalent of item specifics for your eBay listings.

How to interpret the log file within Parts Compatibility Finder?

For other FAQs please click here

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