Optiseller's eBay category tool offers a structured view on the eBay category hierarchy, and provides detailed insight on each of the categories.

How to use the Category Lookup Tool

The Category Lookup Tool now includes Buyer Demand Data

As of October 2020 we are now showing a Buyer Demand Data indicator within the Category Lookup Tool.

These are indications for the item specifics that buyers are using to search for products. The Buyer Demand star indicator relates to the number of eBay customers searching and filtering using this item specific or aspect.

A 5-star rating means that the item specific is highly used by buyers to filter search results. The star indicator is based on previous buyer demand over a 30 day period.

This will help you focus where to prioritise your effort when it comes to optimising your eBay listing data through item specifics.

The tool supports multiple eBay sites, and is fully searchable.

Either by drilling through the hierarchy, or by searching via keyword or Category ID, the relevant category detail can be located.

The category detail includes data on which item specifics are Required, Required Soon, Recommended and Optional and the recommended values for each.  

The data also includes if the category supports fitment data.

The category data can be exported as CSV or XML.

The Category Lookup tool is available to paid subscribers on either Starter, Essential and Ultimate customers.

To access a free trial of this tool access the link below:

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