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OptiRating in Aspect Finder+
OptiRating in Aspect Finder+

OptiRating can help you identify areas where you can improve your listings to increase your visibility and sales.

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Optiseller Aspect Finder+ now includes OptiRating, a new feature that gives your eBay
listing a rating out of 10 based on SEO, business policies, and listing boosters.

To use the OptiRating navigate to the Aspect Finder+ tile on the homepage and run a new

Once you get the notification in your inbox that the report is complete, return to this tile open the report by clicking “view report” and navigate to the category you want to check on the next page as usual.

You will notice we have added a new column to this page called “OptiRating”.

This OptiRating is a score out of 10 to show you how well your listing will perform. The score is based on a number of SEO rules including title length, keywords in title and number of attributes filled in. As well as listing boosters and shipping offers.

The way this works is the lower the score the more work you need to do on your listing, the higher the score the more likely the listing is to sell.

You can sort the column by clicking on the row 1 label “OptiRating” meaning you can group by score and work on the worst culprits first.

If you want to know about any specific OpriRating in more detail, click on the score for that listing and you will be taken to our new tool “Single Listing Review”.

The tool will automatically open with the listing ID search you clicked on in the AF+ tool. This will now give you a detailed breakdown of the listing in question and give you advice on how to improve your OptiRating and therefore your chances of selling that product.

If you would like a walk-through or more information on anything mentioned in this document, please contact us.

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