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What is OptiRating & How to improve your score?

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The OptiRating shows your listing quality as a snapshot. The higher the score, the more your listing has been optimised to perform well on eBay. Watch your OptiRating increase by updating your pictures, title, item specifics, and price.

The OptiRating will appear inside your Active Listings page in sellerhub when you have Optiseller Lite installed:

Listing quality is defined as the listing attributes (not aspects) that contribute to improved search ranking and conversion to sales.

The rating value is listed as follows:

OptiRating Value



> 9.0










Below Average





How to improve your OptiRating

Use the image suggester to improve your sales with recommendations on the quantity and tips on the quality of your images, including preferred formats, sizing, etc.

The title suggester will provide the top-rated titles for optimal scoring, as well as tips for creating the best title including keywords, number of characters, and accurate descriptions.

Use the aspect suggester to add recommended, as well as additional, item specifics to boost your listing’s SEO performance

The price suggester will give you a range at which the item’s price should be within, including the maximum and minimum prices and suggested prices to stay competitive.

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