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Optiseller Lite Overview Guide
Optiseller Lite Overview Guide

Brief introduction to Optiseller Lite operations.

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When you first sign-in to Optiseller Lite you will be prompted to connect your store. Provide your eBay username and password to grant Optiseller Lite access to your eBay store. This is a really important step as it allows Optiseller to get the information required from eBay to run Optiseller Lite features on your listings.


Manage Active Listings

Optiseller Lite overlays information to help you optimise your listings. Follow these basic steps to get started:

  1. When Optiseller Lite is successfully installed you'll see a new OptiRating column. The OptiRating is score that reflects the quality of your listing in terms of buyers being able to find it. Some of the key factors that contribute to your score are; Title, Item Specifics, Number of images and having buyer friendly business policies.

  2. Click ‘Show’ to bring up the Optiseller Lite Features. Overlays will appear on the following fields:

  • Picture – Provides feedback on number of images used and best practice guidance for use of images.

  • Title – Offers title suggestions if it can generate higher title scores than currently in use. Allows the user to customise title and apply it to the listing. Also provide best practice guidance for creating titles.

  • Item Specifics – Uses Optiseller’s Aspect suggester to generate item specific suggestions that can be applied to listings.

  • Current Price – Shows how your listing is priced compared to comparable listings and offers a suggested price range.

Note: A grey light bulb displaying in place of cog means no suggestions or data could be found. Tip: Try changing your title to return different results.

Manage Stale Listings

Selecting the new Optiseller Lite tab in Seller Hub will allow you to look at all your listings sorted by listing start date (age) and view their OptiRating to determine if they need improvement.

Selecting the ‘Action’ menu will display option available for your listing:

  • Fix & relist – Update item specifics for this listing and relist the product.

  • Delist – Ends the product listing.

Create Listing Wizard

When creating, revising, or relisting an item you may notice a tab in the top right corner of the page:

Selecting ‘Show’ will display the Create Listing Wizard. It can be used for finding optimised titles, discovering price ranges and suggesting item specifics. The extension will suggest price ranges based on the condition of your item so you can remain competitive when selling.

When complete you can pre-populate the eBay create listing form with optimised values, knowing the data you have provided is optimised for your listing.

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