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Optiseller Lite AI Title Suggester Introduction
Optiseller Lite AI Title Suggester Introduction

Details of how to use the Optiseller Lite AI-driven eBay title suggester

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Optiseller Lite is a tool designed to help sellers of all levels, across all categories, list their products on eBay and increase their impressions with better SEO. The tool has consistently worked best when a listing contains a GTIN.

GTINs, or Global Trade Item Numbers, are unique identifiers assigned to products by manufacturers or distributors. They are used by retailers and online marketplaces to track inventory and ensure accurate pricing. However, not all products have GTINs, especially those that are used, Parts & Accessories, handmade or unique.

Optiseller Lite now uses generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to overcome the limitations of not providing a GTIN. This means that even without a GTIN, Optiseller Lite can still generate eBay titles that are based on your product and comply with eBay SEO.

Active Listings

We've created a video which guides you through the AI feature of Optiseller Lite below

You can generate titles for your active listings from the Optiseller Lite title suggestion tool found in the active listings page on eBay Seller Hub.

When signed into Optiseller Lite and eBay look for the listing you want to generate a title on and click the show button to open all the Optiseller Lite tools for that product.

Navigate over to the title tool and click the light bulb icon in the top right of the tool. This can be a green colour, this means we have found suggestions for you based on data/GTINs or it may be greyed out, this means we have not found any suggestions but in both cases the AI-suggestion tool can still be used to generate titles.

As detailed in the above image there are not standard suggestions for the title but we can ask the tool to generate a title using the Optiseller AI assistant. Simply click on the “AI Assist” button and Optiseller Lite will gather all the data about your listing and send it to our AI Assist endpoint, in a few moments the tool will deliver an AI generated eBay title that is SEO compliant for you.

When the title is returned you need to compare it to the existing title OptiRating. In the example above you can see in the top right we have scored the existing title 1.3/10 (very poor) and we have given the new AI generated title an OptiRating of 8.2/10 (very good).

If you feel you can improve the title or want to add/replace more keywords you can. Type in what you want to add into the title, wait a few seconds and we will give this new title a new OptiRating. Once you are happy with the rating then simply click “Apply” and Optiseller Lite will update your listing with the new improved title, ready to increase impressions and help you sell more.

Stale Listing Report

The AI title generator works in much the same way in the Stale Listing report as it done in the Active Listing Page, the only difference is the look and how you action the change.

Whilst signed into Optiseller Lite in eBay, navigate to the Optiseller Lite section at the top row of seller hub. This will load up the stale listing report page.

Select the listed duration you would like to see and the report will load, note - if the report is older than 24 hours you may want to regenerate it, this may take some time depending on your number of listings.

Once you have found a listing that you want to fix and relist, if you would like to update the title on that listing you can now do this using the AI title generator. Click the show button on the listing in question and the Fix & Relist tool will appear showing all the tools in one place including the AI title generator.

As previously detailed you will see either a green title suggester section as the tool has created titles for you, or a grey section because there are either no suggestions or your existing title is already very good. As noted you can still generate a new AI title.

To use the AI title generator, click the “AI Assist” button and Optiseller Lite will generate a new title for you. As with the active listing page the title will be given an OptiRating and you can edit it before accepting it. Once you are happy with the title, click the apply button and you will see a green tick appear, this means the title will be used when you “fix & relist”.

Once you are happy with all the edits you have made, click the “fix & Relist” button and the listing will update, end and be relisted with all the changes you have made.

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