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FAQs - Optiseller Lite
FAQs - Optiseller Lite
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This is our FAQ (Frequently asked questions about Optiseller Lite). If you are looking for more general information, please see the Optiseller Lite section in our help library

Frequently Asked Questions

Continue without signing in.

When a user clicks this option on the sign in page, we suspend the sign in prompt for a period of one week. A user can sign back into the extension by clicking any of the sign in prompts or the Optiseller Lite logo. (Optiseller Lite version 0.1.32)

What web browsers can the Optiseller Lite Extension be added to?

Currently Optiseller Lite can be added to Google Chrome (recommended) and Microsoft Edge web browsers only.

I have 2k listing can I update them in bulk?

You are able to review and update one listing at a time.

Part of the sign up asks me to give permission to Developing IT?

Optiseller is a Developing IT product and brand. You can find out more at

I have a suggestion on how to improve Optiseller Lite.

We embrace all feedback on the Optiseller Lite Extension. Please email [email protected] with product suggestions or observations.

Generate report runs really slow!

We analyse every listing so the more listings you have the longer the report will take to run.

Not seeing Last Sold Date?

We can collect the Last Sold Date for user accounts after agreeing to our terms and conditions and linking a store to their Optiseller account. Once this has been completed, we will be able to gather data for up to 90 days ago from that point, after which we will continue to collect and update this data daily. This data will be 24 hours old at point of collection.

Not seeing Quantity Sold?

The Quantity Sold data is collected each time the Manage Stale Listing Report is generated. At the point of running the report, this data is gathered from eBay and will be 24 hours old at that time.

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