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Optiseller Lite Installation
Optiseller Lite Installation

Installation and Overview Guide

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Depending on how you arrived at Optiseller Lite, there are several ways to install Optiseller Lite. You can read more about it and download the plugin from our website here -

Chrome Store

If you would like to access Optiseller Lite, continue through the installation on Google's Chrome Store: Optiseller Lite (

Optiseller Homepage

If you are an Optiseller Essential or Ultimate plan subscriber, you should see a ‘Optiseller Lite’ tile under listing optimisation on the app homepage. Selecting ‘Start now’ will open Optiseller Lite in the Google Chrome Store where you can download the extension. ‘Watch Video’ will show you a trailer of all the benefits you can expect from Optiseller Lite.

Note: If you’re on a Starter plan simply upgrade to an Essential plan to access Optiseller Lite immediately.

eBay Invitation

You may have been invited to access Optiseller Lite via the eBay Pro Trader team. If so, follow the link in the invitation email. Alternatively see the link here Optiseller Lite ( If you’re having difficulty accessing Optiseller Lite as an eBay invitee, please speak to your Optiseller contact who can advise next steps.

Uninstall Optiseller Lite

Here's steps to help you remove or disable Optiseller Lite.

Go to the Three vertical dots at top right of Chrome. Select Settings, or the Extensions icon (Jigsaw piece) to select Extensions.

  • Select Manage Extensions

  • Scroll to find Optiseller Lite and Choose to Remove or simply disable it. using the toggle at the bottom right.​

Brave Browser & Third-party Cookies

Authentication tokens used with Optiseller Lite require that the Brave browser's Shields function be disabled.

Configure the dropdown in the browser's address bar, as per this example.

The above would apply to any browser with third-party cookies.

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