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Optiseller Lite - Difficulty logging in
Optiseller Lite - Difficulty logging in

Steps to help ensure your browser logs-in correctly.

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If you are having trouble logging into Optiseller Lite there are a number of things you can check before getting in contact with us.

3rd Party Cookies

In addition to Brave a number of browsers are beginning to disable 3rd party cookies as standard. In order to ensure Chrome and Edge continue to work with the Optiseller Lite extension you'll need to enable 3rd Party Cookies or enable our site.


Because we are injecting content into eBay and our services are considered 3rd party to the eBay site. We need 3rd party cookies to validate your authentication with our services and if you don't you'll continually be asked to login.

Type the following into the URL bar of your browser to find the settings.





Are you using Brave?

If you are using Brave you'll need to turn off shields for eBay if you want to use the Optiseller Lite extension in Brave. If you are more technically minded you can use the Shield advance settings and enable 3rd party cookies for eBay. Please remember you'll need to do this for each eBay site you want to use, such as / / /

The screenshot below shows the "Shields are DOWN for" as an example.

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