Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Suggester?

Product Suggester will allow the user to view commonly used values and gather information on how to enrich a listing by searching for products based upon keywords.

  • Match keywords to products

  • Enrich your products

  • Improve your listings

How can Product Suggester help me?

Product Suggester is ideal for when you are researching your options before listing a new product. Using this tool, will give you some detailed insight on existing listings for the product and presents valuable data on what the competition are doing.

How do I get started?

Click on Select.

Once you are in Product Suggester you will see the screen below.

Once you click on ‘Search’ you will see your results.

  • Titles

These are the top 10 listings that have matched your keyword (search terms) above. They are Ranked from 1-10 and you will see the Title, Title Length, Price and the Category ID they are listed in.

N.B. When looking at competitor pricing, it is worth noting that quite often you will find that the top listing is not always the cheapest. In most cases the top ranking listing is more likely to be the best optimised listing with great sales history.

  • Aspects

You are presented with the Name of the Item Specifics and also the Values that are being used most often in the top 10 listings results.

You will note the Values are ranking (High, Medium and Low) for the Item Specifics values being used most often.

Is there a limit to how often I can use the tool?

The tool is limited to 10 searches per day.

Clicking on ‘find out more’ will show this screen.

Where can I find Product Suggester?

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