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Category Suggester

Find the Optimal categories for your products to maximise sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Category Suggester?

Optisellers Category Suggester tool allows you to search on listing keywords to get a

view on the top 10 suggested categories by confidence level, as well as a summary view of categories with similar listings, including the closest match listings themselves.

  • Match listing keywords to categories

  • See aggregated listings data by category

  • Review listings directly related to your keywords

Our Starter plan allows up to 10 searches per day and our Essential plan allows up to 100 searches per day.

How can Category Suggester help me?

Category Suggester is ideal when you are reviewing your current categories, or have new products ready to be listed and you want to check which category is going to be most suitable.

How can I get started?

Click into Category Suggester.

First add your keyword (product type) and choose the eBay site you require.

Then select one, or (recommended) all three, the result option check boxes.

  • Suggestions

This section presents a Confidence rating of the popularity and relevance of the suggested categories for your product type, based on existing eBay listings. It includes the Category name and MarketplaceID.

  • Categories

This presents a list of the categories that include the product type search value eg. ‘water bottle’ within an eBay category name. It also give you the Category name and CategoryID.

  • Listings Summary

This section show the most currently used categories including Category name and CategoryID, within the Number of Listings in each category, and also a Ranking.

  • Ranking

Click on one of the Listing Summary categories and this will show the Min ranking for that category and the Max rank together with the %age that category has within the top 50.

How often can I use Category Suggester on a daily basis?

Our Starter plan allows up to 10 searches per day and our Essential plan allows up to 100 searches per day.

Where can I find Category Suggester?

You can find the Category Suggester on the Homepage under 'Listing Optimisation'.

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