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Understanding Sales on eBay
Understanding Sales on eBay

Understand how to drive sales on eBay with Optiseller

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Visibility of your products on eBay and for organic searches such as google shopping are essential to drive sales. Without the visibility of your products, buyers cannot find and purchase your items.

On eBay this is particularly important, as it has a huge bearing on sales, and it is not always price that drives sales.

The first important step is to understand Categorisation and how it impacts the products you sell.

What makes the categories that you sell within perform on eBay?

Selecting the correct category is crucial for visibility - the Category Suggester tool can help with this by suggesting the optimal category and analysing how competitors are categorising products.

Understanding what drives sales in your eBay Categories

When you have selected the most suitable category, understanding the keywords (or item specifics) within the category is essential - the Category Lookup tool helps with this

Looking at Trainers / Sneakers as an example:

These are the Item Specifics and keywords that eBay use to help buyers find your products. There are obvious items there such as Size, Brand, Colour and which are required by eBay to list. However, you can also see that there are several additional items such as Product Line, Upper Material that are not required.

However, you can see that Product Line has a Search Value of 3.7 Million - this means that 3.7 Million potential buyers have searched using this in a 30 day period, and if your listing does not include this then you are missing out on these potential buyers! This can have massive impact to your sales on eBay. We recommend that where possible, the items with higher demand are populated in Item Specifics and added to the title.

Having an understanding of this is invaluable, and using our tools to help will provide you with the knowledge required.

We have tools that will also help you address this and further issues for your listings that we will introduce as you get to know our platform.

Or learn more about Category Lookup tool

Or learn more about the Category Suggester tool

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