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Category Lookup Tool

Understand categories, what drives sales, explore secondary categories and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Category lookup tool benefit me?

With the Category Lookup tool you can search for secondary categories, see item specifics needed per category together with buyer demand data.

Buyer demand data shows the item specifics that buyers are using to search for products. The Buyer Demand star indicator relates to the number of eBay customers searching and filtering using a particular item specific or aspect.

A 5-star rating means that the item specific is highly used by buyers to filter search results. The star indicator is based on previous buyer demand over a 30 day period.

This will help you focus where to prioritise your effort when it comes to optimising your eBay listing data through item specifics.

What is Buyer Demand data?

How do I use the tool?

How can I get the most out of Category lookup tool?

Use the tool to search for secondary categories, use to fully maximise item specific optimisation and to explore categories to newly trade into.

Can the data be exported from the Category lookup tool?

Yes you can download to CSV/excel or xml

However, you cannot export Buyer Demand data.

Does it support more than just eBay UK?

Yes it supports a multitude of eBay territories – give full list.

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