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Getting Started with Optiseller - FAQ
Getting Started with Optiseller - FAQ

Frequently asked questions when getting started with Optiseller

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Who are Optiseller?

Formerly know as Developing IT, the company was founded in 2004, we have over 13 years' experience in e-commerce specialising in online marketplaces. Over the past 10 years of working with eBay, we have developed a deep understanding of how eBay works and what is needed to achieve success. We have analysed 1.1bn products and 70m+ listings reviewed globally every week.

What is Aspect Finder+?

Optiseller's Aspect Finder+ tool will scan your listings for Item Specifics and highlight which ones are Required, Required Soon, Recommended and Additional. The tool will add any of the values found to a file for you to update your listings with. Our latest Aspect Finder+ features make updating your Item Specifics quicker and easier than before with Bulk Updates.

How do I sign up for a Free Trial?

Sign up for your Free Trial here. You can also read about our Free Trials here.

How do I connect my eBay store and download my listings?

The first time you use Optiseller you will need to connect your eBay store. You will find step by step instructions below.

How long does it take for Aspect Finder+ to generate a report?

The time it takes to generate a report varies depending on the size of the store and the current server volume.

The first stage for the tool is to download all the required data for the configured report. Larger stores will take longer for this process to be fulfilled, once the store's data is downloaded to Optiseller it will then begin the finding aspects stage. When finding aspects (Item Specifics), the tool is comparing the store's current values for eBay compliance as well as assessing which missing values can be populated. In both cases the tool will make suggestions where possible.

In times of high demand for the service it will take longer for the report to be complied. You do not need to leave the Optiseller window open while you wait. The report will continue to process, you will be notified by email once your report is ready.

Can I add other users from our team to access the data and reports?

Yes you can add additional users to your account.

Click "Add User" and enter the email address, name of the user.

Your colleague will receive an email welcoming them to Optiseller with details on how to login.

When adding roles you can use the Manage Roles section to delegate specific permissions or jobs to your users. You can use this to limit access to item you consider for Admin users only.

Multiple roles and users a can be created to allow you to tier and control access to your Optiseller reports and administration section.

How do I add an additional stores to my account? (available for Essential and Ultimate Plans)

If you have an Essential plan you can add up to 5 stores and for Ultimate plan users can add up to 25 stores.

To add another eBay store, visit data sources (on the left hand navigation) and then click add eBay store.

Once you click Add eBay store you are presented with this screen.

Just enter the name of your eBay store and click Create.

Once you have added the store you will then need to link the store to Optiseller.

What's covered below?

Here we shall take you through setting up your Free Trial, connecting your eBay sotre and running your first Aspect Finder+ report.

To get your Free Trial started, click here to see our pricing page and choose the right plan for your business.

Once you have chosen you plan, you can either sign up and connect your store through eBay, sign in through Optiseller or you can sign in if you already have an Optiseller account.

When you sign up and connect your store with eBay, we will start your first Aspect Finder report.

Signing up or signing in through Optiseller will require you to connect your store and once connected run your first Aspect Finder+ report.

Once you select 'Start' you will see the screen as detailed below.

First select the country and category you require from the dropdown. You can then choose from.

  1. Download All will download all your eBay listings, categories and associated Item Specifics.

  2. Advanced Report allows you to select one or several eBay categories.

  3. Required soon allows you to focus purely on the categories that are affected by any eBay mandates. This may be greyed out as we can see in the screenshot below if there are no planned mandates from eBay.

When you have chosen the report you would like to run click:

  • 'Confirm Selection', then

  • 'Start Process'

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