Download All Listings

Aspect Finder+ now allows users to download all listings (by site), in addition to the previous "required soon" and "advanced" options. We recommend to get the best out of the aspect finder to use the Download All option, and then use the report to sort and filter to help you prioritise. "Required soon" is useful if you prefer to only focus on listings affected by any pending mandates, and advanced allows users to select specific sets of categories.

Aspect Finder+ Support for eBay MOTORS

We have added support for eBay MOTORS site in the aspect finder+ tool, allowing users on MOTORS to apply the benefits of aspect finder + to their MOTORS listings.

Aspect Finder+ Image Popover

Aspect Finder+ now includes an image popover to assist with a visual representation when reviewing the data. By clicking on the highlighted icon, you can see a quick preview of the product image to assist.

Category Tool - Buyer Demand

Our category tool now displays a relative indicator of the importance of each Item Specific (or aspect) for leaf categories. These are indications for the item specifics that buyers are using to search for products.

Improved Speed & Reliability

We are aware that there have been some issues with the speed of generation of the reports, we are working hard to improve this. Some updates have been added but we are continuing to work on this.

Coming Soon

Bulk Updates

We plan to add a bulk update feature to allow users to update aspect values in bulk. For example, update all aspects for "Batteries included" to "Yes" in category RC cars, or update all aspects for "Colour" that is blank to "Black" in "Mobile Phone Chargers"

Refresh Report

From feedback that we've had, we want to make it easier for users to compare / refresh their Aspect Finder+ reports. We plan to allow users to refresh their report in the tool easily and see the difference in aspect adoption quickly.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please get in touch.

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