The tools have been simplified into one unified tool which will source the tools based on the best algorithm for your region.  We have also merged the UK Motorcycle tool into the Parts tool. 

So previously, we had the Car Parts Compatibility Finder and Motorcycle Parts Compatibility Finder tools: 

 And then within those we had options for UK, France Italy Spain, UK – now we only have one service: 

When using the tool, the configuration screen will appear as follows, which allows you to select the eBay region that your listings are listed on, along with the vehicle type (Motorcycles are currently UK only), and then if you want to download all listings, a specific set of listings, or by category. 

Previously, the Parts tool was only available in France, Italy and Spain by eBay referral only.  We are pleased to announce that this tool is now generally available in this region. 

The tool uses a set of data sources and algorithms to source compatibility data based on your existing listing information using the title, brand and product numbers.   

The tool will provide a summary of matches and ability to export the data in File Exchange or Logfile detailed format.  For more information see 

The tool will also offer guidance on how to improve the matches if relevant.  For example: 

In this case, the tool has identified 50 listings with partial vehicle information.  More information is provided on the tool how to improve on this, and the logfile shows listing level data on where the tool has matched and did not. 

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