The integration module allows you to quickly expand your eBay product catalog to with minimal effort.

If you are interested in this module, please contact us for more information.

The module works as follows:

  • Listings are downloaded from your nominated eBay store.  

  • Listings are filtered by fixed price items, site, no variation listings, and specific categories

  • The listing data is transformed and pushed to your store

  • Listing data is transformed using eBay Inventory - 3 (if less than 3 then not migrated), shipping time = eBay Dispatch Time max.  Any excluded shipping locations are passed to Wish from eBay also.

  • Currently shipping costs are not set and should be setup within the merchant module.

Orders are then pulled from on a regular basis into optiseller's service files location.

How to setup Integration

Add a new datasource under Administration / My Data Sources:

This will require you to enter a "friendly" name for your store, then to authorize your store:

Enter friendly name

Login to wish

Then subscribe to the service - if this is not available on your account please contact us.

Select the ebay store you wish to sync from

Select your store you wish to sync to

When the sync is complete you will have access to the service details on the home page

And within the details you will have access to your orders which will be refreshed periodically (every 60 minutes)

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