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What is the Optiseller API and how can it help me?
What is the Optiseller API and how can it help me?

How the Optiseller API can help drive sales and save time

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Optiseller’s software tools are built on powerful product data algorithms and enable you to build and grow your e-commerce business through data.

But what if you wanted to go beyond the data?

Now you can with Optiseller’s API. Integrate our key data ingredients into your own framework to accelerate e-commerce knowledge and growth

If you have read our article about the importance of data to drive sales, then you will understand how important it is to correctly categorise your products, add the relevant keywords and item specifics, and to construct a meaningful and optimal title. Doing this will drive sales - read how our customers have acheived more sales with Optiseller.

The tools on our platform allow you to do this, but the API opens up the potential to allow you to build our data suggestions into your own systems and workflows. We've also used it to build products like Optiseller Lite and our Maropost plugin!

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