What is Find and Replace?

This feature will allow you to select one or more listings giving access to an additional Bulk Update menu option. In the menu, you can now find and replace any values across all listings. For example, you may describe some of your listings as "Rouge", but eBay wants it to be "Red", you can use this new feature to update all and replace all descriptions of "Rouge" in just a few clicks.

Below is a video showcasing this functionality:

What is the additional bulk update?

The additional bulk update menu appears when you click on one or more listings when you are in Aspect Finder+.

· Find and Replace

Choose the listings you would like to bulk update as per the screenshot below.

Once you have chosen the listings you wish to bulk update you can then click on Find and Replace.

Here you can update an item specific to any value you enter via a new text box or choose to make it blank.

We have introduced three options to change the value to:

  • Recommended remains unchanged and allows you to select from a list

  • Seller Created allows free text to be input to a maximum of 1000 characters

  • Blank

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