Single Listing Review Tool

Check out how your listings rate and compare against competitors with the "OptiRating"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I review a single listing in isolation?

Sure! You can focus in on one of your listings and identify recommendations and KPIs at the individual listing level.

What can the single listing tool tell me about my listing?

The single listing review tool gives insight at the listing level, showing areas where the listing could be improved upon.

How do I use the Single Listing Review Tool?

Can I get these insights for my entire site?

This tool complements our Store Performance Dashboard tool, which offers similar review capability for your entire store, and allows drilldown to the single listing tool.

Taking an example listing:

When run through the tool it provides various feedback items on the listing:

Detail on the KPIs can be found in Store Performance Dashboard Metrics.

If you have any questions or suggestions for further KPIs we would love to hear from you!

Which plans have access to the Competitor Performance Dashboard?

You can access the dashboard with the Essential and Ultimate plans.

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