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Competitor Performance Dashboard
Competitor Performance Dashboard

Gather insights on how your competitors compare using key eBay KPIs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get insights into my competitors data?

Sure, you can add a competitor to the Competitor Performance Dashboard which give similar insights to that seen in our Store Performance Dashboard the Competitor Dashboard provides insight on competitor listings.

Please note that the competitor dashboard will only show a subset of listings - the way this works is that we try to “find” as many listings as we can for the identified competitor (limited to 10k max) we will also try to do this by price range and category to maximise the number we get. We may not always collect the same data during our updates which means we might be able to gain further competitor insights from the different data.

How can the Competitor Performance Dashboard help me?

This dashboard can give you insights into your competitors strengths and weaknesses.

How to setup a Competitor Dashboard

Before you are able to use the Competitor Performance Dashboard, you will need to link the competitor shop to your Optiseller account, which can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Select "Data Sources" on the left hand side of our Home screen

  2. Afterwards select "Add Data Source" and "eBay Competitor"

  3. You will be asked to enter the Competitor Shop name in the next step, which can easily be found on eBay (see below) - afterwards hit the "Create" button.

  4. The shop will be added to your Optiseller account and get linked.

    You are now ready to use the "Competitor Performance Dashboard" :)

  5. Before starting the tool, make sure you have selected your competitor shop in the top right corner

    6. Afterwards you can now select the "Competitor Performance Dashboard and start running the report by clicking "Start"

7. The tool is now creating a report - you will receive a confirmation email once it

is ready

Please note that the competitor dashboard will only show a subset of listings.

Which plans have access to the Competitor Performance Dashboard?

You can access the dashboard with the Essential and Ultimate plans.

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