Following on from eBay’s announcement on 1st December 2020 about the VAT changes to eBay listings from 1st January 2021, we have had a lot of asks from sellers about how to make changes in bulk to VAT on your eBay listings.

We have prepared this helpful guide for you and there are 2 options to consider:

1) Use File Exchange to update your listings via CSV.

2) Use eBay’s bulk edit tool.

Option 1 - Use File Exchange to update your listings via CSV:

You can use this format/template shown above by sending up a revised CSV to File Exchange to edit your listings in bulk.

All you would need to do is get a list of all of your eBay Item ID’s and assign the correct VAT Percentage in the next column.

If you sign up to either our Essential or Ultimate package - you can access our Download Listings tool where you would be able to get a complete list of all your eBay Item ID’s and a lot more useful information such as SKU’s to help with your listings.

With the list you can add in a 'VATPercent' column into a CSV and upload to File Exchange.

Option 2 – Use eBay’s bulk edit tool:

Remember that the eBay bulk edit tool only allows you to edit a maximum of 500 live listings at any one time!

Edit fields > Click VAT

Change to > enter appropriate VAT %

We hope this helps you.

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