From June 2015, eBay started to roll out the use of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) on listings – making it quicker and easier for buyers to find your products on eBay and search engines.

GTINs also reassure your buyers that the product you are selling is authentic.

GTINs are the numbers you see beneath all of the barcodes that are sold in-store throughout the world. eBay are now using these same numbers as product identifiers.

Optiseller now has some additional KPIs on our Store Performance Dashboard that help you optimise your use of GTINs:

Listings with (and without) GTINs measure the listings that do and do not have an EAN, UPC or ISBN on the listing. Listings which have a GTIN set to “Does not apply” or similar are counted as not having (without) a GTIN.

Listings with valid (and invalid) GTINs are measured against our partner GS1's standards for GTIN integrity.  Any listing which we score below our standard quality threshold is counted in the invalid total. 

If you have a significant number of invalid listings, we also offer a more detailed report which provides detail on why we have determined certain GTINs to be invalid and recommendations to rectify these.

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