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Optiseller Data Sources
Optiseller Data Sources

What are Optiseller Data Sources and why are they important

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To get the most out of Optiseller, you should link your eBay store as per <link>

Depending on your plan you may be able to link up multiple data sources. This can be done via the dropdown on the header, or the "Data Sources" link on the left hand navigation pane.

Most of our tools are currently eBay focused, but there are different types of datasource for different needs

For example, to run a "Competitor Performance Dashboard" you need to setup a different type of Data Source as per

Product Lists are used by the system to track lists of products, mostly for future plans.

On the homepage, if you cannot access a specific tool, then it is likely that you need to link up another data source that is suitable or the tool in question.

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