New monthly rolling contract

Check out the details of our new monthly rolling contract.

eBay Data Optimisation Platform

We’ve upgraded the eBay Data Optimisation Platform to perform more efficiently because optimising your data is so important to success on eBay. Read more.

Free eBay Store Health-check!

May 2022

Could your eBay store be doing better? Want to maximise your listings potential?

Enter your details and we'll email you a free easy to read report.

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Free Taster Plan

May 2022

Our new free plan is available and ideal for eBay market research and includes 3 of our popular tools.

  • Product Suggester

  • Category Suggester

  • Category Lookup

Read more.

Product and Category Suggester tools

May 2022

Essential plan holders can now run up to 1000 searches per day using Product Suggester and 100 searches per day using Category Suggester tools

Import Product Data

January 2022

This feature allows you to import 'Missing' Item Specifics in bulk using different file formats, and this can be done for the entire AF+ report, or at individual category level.

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Aspect Finder+ Find and Replace update

January 2022

This feature will allow you to select one or more listings giving access to an additional Bulk Update menu option. In the menu, you can now find and replace any values across all listings. Read more.

Universal Fitment

December 2021

As of February 22, 2022, you’ll be able to indicate universal products such as floor mats, which aren’t always fitted to specific vehicles. Read more.

New features added to AF+

September 2021

We all know that sellers and businesses have limited time available to optimise their listings and these new features will help you reduce time spent on managing your Item Specifics. Read more.

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