The dashboard identifies what areas of your listings need the most attention, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments and improve your listings rating.  The KPIs include:

  • Total Listings, SKUs, Qty Sold

  • Duplicate Listings

  • Use of Title Length

  • Item specifics quality

  • Shipping options offered

  • Use of images

  • Items missing fitment data

For more detailed insights on our KPIs please see Store Performance Dashboard Metrics

The graph on the dashboard can be customised by clicking on the legend items to show / hide the series.  

The dashboard also allows you to view historical data snapshots, showing trends in improvement or degradation in your KPIs, giving you an insight to what actions to take to improve the affected listings with a view to maximizing sales.

Both the dashboard and the trends view use a RAG (Red Amber Green) status indicator to show if a particular KPI falls within our recommended thresholds.

Clicking on a KPI title gives a graphical view of the KPI over time:

The KPI values can be clicked on to drill into the details behind the total.  Normally this gives a list of the items related to the KPI, showing summary information as well as listing performance data (hits & sales):

The list view, then allows the user to link to the live marketplace listing by clicking on the title, or to access our Single Listing Review tool by clicking on the Item Id:

For more information on this see the  Single Listing Review

Dashboard Snapshot Schedule

The Store Performance Dashboard board will create a data snapshot automatically every seven days while the store subscription is active.

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