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How to use the Motorcycle Compatibility Finder

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The Optiseller Motorcycle Compatibility Matcher currently works as follows;

  1. Optiseller scans the listing(s) for your store

  2. We parse the title (and potentially description) for keywords

  3. We match these against our database of Motorcycles (make, model, year, CCM, etc)

  4. We return a report showing the input data (ItemId, SKU, Title) and the output (matched items + epid(s))

The report summary is as follows:

Match Type is an indication of the confidence of the match.  We recommend that all data is checked before application, but with more matched terms, the more confident the match.

The results can be downloaded in entirety (Download All), or you can filter by MatchType, Make, Category, Sales or listing without fitment, for more focused application.

In addition, there is detailed log information available which can help with validation if required.  The link is in the disclaimer:

This file contains listing information along with the associated match data.

The report can be filtered on the Match.Logging column

  • Logging - filter on "confidence" of match:

The deeper the match, the more confidence can be drawn from the results.  Anything less that Make | Model | Year will only display if there is a single match found.

In some cases the match is not complete, and any data available in the MML not explicitly matched is highlighted with a *, for example:

In this example, "Michelin 160/60-17 ZR Pilot Road 2 Rear Tyre KTM 640 LC4 Duke II 99-06", we have matched 

Make: KTM
Model DUKE II and LC4
Year: 1999-2006 (on Duke II), 2003-2006 on LC4
Submodel: no match but there are blanks and "e" in the ebay MML
Streetname: no match but ebay MML includes none, supermoto & enduro.

Typically less confident matches are due to data missing from the listing title, or data not available in the MML with the same names or criteria.

The less confident matches are always under review for further tweaks to the matching algorithms to attempt to increase the confidence, and also to fill gaps in the motorcycle database.

If you encounter anything that you think is not correct or could be improved please let us know, feedback is always welcome - [email protected]

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