Key Information

ManoMano are in the progress of releasing updated APIs which will allow a greater level of automation; in the meantime this application has the following key points to be aware of.

  • You’ll need to be speaking directly with ManoMano around using this integration. You’ll need an API username and password and to provide them with a product and stock file URL generated by this integration.

  • Product and stock updates are generated into a file on an hourly basis. Each generation task starts around the hour mark. On average this file generation should finish around the same time each hour assuming store size doesn’t massively increase in a single hour. You may find it can take upward of 15 minutes to finish generating this file each hour depending on the size of your store.

  • ManoMano process the import of the product and stock URL every 3 hours.

  • Channel payment and shipping methods are not supported.

  • The integration requires manual import of data to create the stock item linking between Linnworks and ManoMano items.

  • Due to the way product files are generated there are settings within Linnworks which shouldn’t be enabled. Inventory Update and Inventory Price change shouldn’t be switched on.


How does the synchronization process work?

ManoMano does not integrate with Linnworks in the default process that is usual with other integrations. All processes are done via a CSV feed file which is synchronized by ManoMano on a three hour schedule. Any inventory updates have to wait until this synchronisation is complete to be fully realised on both platforms.

Our integration will update your CSV feed file with Linnworks data on an hourly basis but this is only synchronised with ManoMano on their schedule.

Why are my orders not being exported to Linnworks from ManoMano

This may be caused by a number of common issues;

  • SKUs must be unique for each product sent to ManoMano

  • If your ManoMano API username or password contains any characters which aren't alpha-numeric please contact ManoMano to have it changed.

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