This section will aim to guide you through the installation of the channel integration. You can only connect one channel to a single ManoMano API username. If you list on multiple ManoMano international sites you’ll need a username for each.


You’ll need the following information before installation of the application.

Installation Guide Video

Please review this video guide and follow the steps as shown. Below we have also include a in-depth guide with key information points.

Installation Steps

Start Installation

Navigate to Settings > Channel Integrations within your Linnworks account, add a new channel and select the 3rd party integration “manomano”.

Channel Name

Enter an account name which will identify this channel within Linnworks. If you are installing multiple international channels you may wish to include the country name or code within the name. Click Next to continue.


Read and accept the Linnworks terms and conditions for the installation of this integration. Click Next to continue.

Optiseller eMail Address

Enter your Optiseller email address. Click Next to continue.

Optiseller Password

Enter your Optiseller password. Click Next to continue.

ManoMano Credentials

Enter your ManoMano API username and password. Please also select the ManoMano region you are wanting to connect to. Click Next to continue.

If your ManoMano API username or password contains any characters which aren't alpha numeric please contact ManoMano to have it changed.

Product URL

You are now displayed with a copy of the URL which you should provide to ManoMano. The URL is unique to you and has a built-in access key to stop people guessing the location of your file. It should be noted that anyone who has access to this link will be able to access the product data. You can retrieve this URL from within the channel edit settings panel after installation is complete if required. Click Complete to finish the installation. You should now have the application installed.

Enable channel

You should now see the channel within your Linnworks account. Please click the “Disabled” button to enable the integration.

Edit Channel

After installation of your channel you can view the settings using the following button. As mentioned in the key points above please ensure the “Update inventory” and “Price change” textboxes are switched off. At the bottom of the edit settings screen you can find your product file URL and change the password for your API credentials.

Product Setup

After installation of the channel you’ll need to setup your inventory within Linnworks to be exported and have the correct data populated. See here for how to setup a product for export.

Extended Properties | Optiseller Help Center

Stock Linking

Once your products are setup you’ll need to manually provide data to Linnworks to allow stock linking to take place. The channel mapping button within Linnworks is not supported. Follow the steps here to manually import stock linking data.

Stock Linking | Optiseller Help Center


You should now have a setup within Linnworks which will

  • Export your selected products and stock information into an external URL which is picked up by ManoMano.

  • Automatically pull in orders from ManoMano

  • Allow you to add tracking information to an order when processing orders which will be pushed to ManoMano

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