We are working hard to improve the Aspect Finder+ tool for our users and always welcome your feedback - if you have any please get in touch.

New features

Sales and Stock information

We have added Total Units Sold and Quantity Available to the summary report to aid users when prioritising the categories to work on. You can sort based on any of the columns to focus on where the aspects can drive more sales.

Set values to blank

We have added the ability to “blank” values in the Aspect Finder+ tool now (if the item is not required), or you disagree with our suggestion.

No Active Mandates

As there are currently no active mandates, the “Required Soon” option is unavailable, and you should use the 'Advanced' option to optimise your listings :


We have added a fixed scroll on the Aspect Finder+ editor to ensure the title and listing details remain in view when working on listings

Category Tool "Required Soon" Filter

The category tool allows users to filter to view only categories with “Required Soon” aspects. Currently as there are no pending mandates this will not display any data, but will be useful if eBay announce any further mandates.

Coming Soon

Download All Listings

We are adding an option to allow users to download all listings within the Aspect Finder+. This is based on feedback to simplify the ability to see a view of your entire set of listings.

Bulk Updates

We plan to add a bulk update feature to allow users to update aspect values in bulk. For example, update all aspects for "Batteries included" to "Yes" in category RC cars, or update all aspects for "Colour" that is blank to "Black" in "Mobile Phone Chargers"

Improved Suggestions

We are introducing a factor of "confidence" to the suggestions that are provided by Aspect Finder+. This means that any that we are confident on will be provided as "Found" and ready to be added. However, any that we are not so sure on will be provided as a "Suggestion" that will need to be applied.

We are working on ways to drive more confident matches to reduce any checking and increase the effectiveness of the tool.

Buyer Demand Data

We are planning to provide a view on the demand impact of aspects with regard to how buyers use the aspects to search. This will provide another view on how to prioritise the aspects that should be required.

Refresh Report

From feedback that we've had, we want to make it easier for users to compare / refresh their Aspect Finder+ reports. We plan to allow users to refresh their report in the tool easily and see the difference in aspect adoption quickly.

Improved Speed

We are aware that there have been some issues with the speed of generation of the reports, we are working hard to improve this.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please get in touch.

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