The store performance dashboard has several KPIs related to vehicle parts & accessories data

Missing Fitment Data

Compatibility (or fitment) data is key to driving sales on eBay for vehicle parts & accessories. By adding this information to your listings, sales should significantly increase as it allows potential buyers to more easily find your products and buy with confidence if the compatible vehicles are listed.

Optiseller will analyse your listings and flag if the listing is within a category that supports fitment / compatibility information but your listing does not specify any fitment data. This is currently only supported for UK, Italy, France and Germany. Not having the correct fitment data for your listings will have a detrimental effect on sales.

Fitment - Missing Data Requirements

Product data is also key for vehicle parts & accessories, as buyers may also purchase by using a combination of part number and vehicle data.

In vehicle parts & accessories, eBay recommend the use of the following item specifics (if available)

  • Brand

  • Manufacturer Part Number

  • Reference OE/OEM Number

  • Other Part Number

  • EAN / UPC

Populating these will help buyers find your products on eBay.

The dashboard measures the presence of this data on any listings that are in a fitment (or compatibility) enabled category.

(note values such as N/A, does not apply, etc will not be counted)

Find-ability on eBay for Business Platform

eBays B2B platform allows sellers to be involved in a program to seller reclaimed vehicle parts in specific categories to workshops and garages.

The specific categories are currently:

23022 Interior Parts & Furnishings

33556 Fuel Tanks

36682 Wing Mirrors & Accessories

44223 Indicator Assemblies

44240 Headlight Assemblies

44262 Rear Light Assemblies

65056 Door Locks

65226 Fog Light Assemblies

173704 Spare Wheel Covers

174047 Bootlids, Tailgates & Parts

174049 Bumpers & Rubbing Strips

174050 Doors & Door Parts

174051 Grills/Air Intakes

174055 Spoilers

174058 Wings & Quarter Panels

174063 Reverse Light Assemblies

179851 Exterior Door Handles

Based on these categories, and used parts only, the same measures are available to aid assessment of B2B "findability"

(note values such as N/A, does not apply, etc will not be counted)

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