Optiseller are delighted to announce that our Aspect Finder + tool which is normally part of our starter plan is available for free until the end of the year.

We are working on some exciting updates to the tool, some of which are available now, and some which are coming soon.

Available Now

We have simplified the options for running the aspect finder + tool. Previously you could choose between different mandates and verticals, or choose your own categories. Now, you can either choose to check your listings for all pending mandates, or if you prefer you can check any categories that you would like.

This provides the flexibility to focus only on the eBay mandates as a minimum initially, or to get ahead of the game and reap the benefits of the aspect finder in all of your eBay listings (which we recommend to increase sales!).

For "Required Soon", the tool will display the current set of categories with Item Specifics that are "Required Soon" according to eBay - and this list may change over time as and when eBay indicate further pending mandates.

For "Advanced", you can choose any set of categories that you wish to process.

When the report is ready, the summary report has some new features;

We have introduced a filter to allow you to focus on particular sets of categories which will be useful if you sell in a large set of categories.

In addition, we have added new totals for listings that require action and have aspects that are "Required Soon" and "Optional" (in addition to the Required and Preferred options that we already provided. You can also now sort these columns, so you can focus further on the categories that have the most listings requiring work.

Within the category-level report, there are also filters for "Required Soon", and indicators on the aspect headings for which aspects are "Required Soon" and an indication of the date that they are required from.

Coming Soon

In addition to the features above, we are also working to provide some additional features, some of which are below.

  • Algorithm improvements - we are continually working to improve the quality and confidence of the data that we provide, and we have some exciting updates in this area coming soon.
  • Show "Units Sold" on the summary report at category level to provide further data to help users prioritise their efforts. Are there any other data points here that would be useful?
  • Make it easier to refresh the data in the report and provide a single view of your data
  • Expand on the data formats that we provide for export. We are keen to make it easier for sellers who work with listing tools to integrate the data from Optiseller into their tool of choice. Let us know if you have any ideas in this area.

We are always pleased to get feedback on new features, our plans, and also any suggestions that our users may have. Please get in touch if you have any feedback.

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