This article explains the detail behind the key metrics that are captured, and why we capture these metrics.

Headline figures

Number of listings - This number of active listings on the marketplace at the time of the data sample.
Hit Count - The number of page views for the item.
Item Quantity Sold - The total number of items purchased so far (in the listing's lifetime).  The delta from the last snapshot (if available) is shown below)
Conversion - HitCount divided by Item Quantity sold
Feedback Percentage - if avialable, the sellers feedback score.
Listings without GTINS - any listings without product identifiers are shown here.

Number of Duplicate Listings

eBay policy states that sellers can't have more than one fixed price listing of an identical item at the same time.  Our duplicate KPI allows you to have a high level view on potential items falling foul of this policy, and to view the detail behind the duplicates.  

The dashboard shows a total of items with an exact match on title and site, and by subscribing to our duplicate listings tool the dashboard total will automatically be based on duplicates on a combination of title, site and EAN.

eBay Duplicate Listing Tool subscribers can expand the logic to include product identifiers, imagery, fuzzy matching on titles, cross account detection and more.

If you are in breach of this policy, it can lead to account restrictions and in some cases eBay may remove the offending listings.  Our tool lets you keep on top of this, and also gives you the benefit of being able to identify which of the duplicate listings are performing best so that you can preserve those.  

The graph shows several counters for comparison purposes

Items can be shown and hidden by clicking on the item within the legend area, which can be useful to focus on comparison trends, for example, Item Quantity Sold Delta vs Listings without GTINs.


Offering flexible shipping options to customers can increase your sales.

Fast n Free Shipping -If you can offer free shipping and deliver within 3 days then your listings will be flagged as "Fast & Free", which has been proven to increase conversion and can also increase the search ranking.
Click & Collect - Flexible buying options and the ability to pickup in a store may entice a potential buyer over a competitors offering.

Item Specifics

Item specifics allow eBay to structure products within the categories, and it is important to populate as many as possible.

In the example above, if a user is browsing a category and selects the "Placement on Vehicle" filter, then any listings that do not have this item specific will drop off the results.

Our item specifics KPIs will let you know how many and which listings do not have fully populated item specifics (Poor Item Specifics), and we also measure the number of missing recommended Item Specifics.  The latter typically gives a better indication of any change when trying to improve item specifics adoption.

We also have tools to help guide population of the item specifics - see


Ideally a listing should have multiple high quality listings.  Our Imagery KPIs will highlight the listings that do not make the best use of images.

Fore more info on how to make the most of images see

Missing Fitment Info

Optiseller will analyse your listings and flag if the listing is within a category that supports fitment / compatibility information but your listing does not specify any fitment data.  This is currently only supported for UK, Italy, France and Germany.  Not having the correct fitment data for your listings will have a detrimental effect on sales.


The title should be used effectively to ensure that your listing can be found by common keywords.  We recommend that titles should use as much of the available space as possible and be at least 70 characters long.

By all means include the item specifics and category in the title.

Our KPIs can identify listings where the title is not optimal, and we also have tools to suggest improvements - see Item Specifics Report

Secondary Category

Reach more buyers and generate more interest in your item by listing in two categories. For example, you could list a vintage table from Japan in both the Asian/Oriental Antiques category and the Antique Furniture category.

Markdown Manager

Markdown Manager is a free feature exclusive to eBay Shops subscribers that allows you to offer discounts and put all or selected items from your Shop on sale.

You can create sales that are seasonal, for specific holidays, for specific categories, or just to clear out inventory. Choose to discount by specific monetary value (for example, £2 off) or by percentage between 5% and 50%.

Best Offer

With Best Offer, a seller can offer to purchase a Buy It Now item at a suggested price. The seller can accept the offer, reject it, or make a counteroffer.  Offering this flexibility may increase the likelihood of sale.

Cross Border Trade (CBT)

Cross Border Trading or CBT is the buying and selling of goods and services between businesses in neighbouring countries, with the seller being in one country and the buyer in another country.

Global Shipping Programme 

There are potentially millions of buyers around the world looking for something exactly like what you have to sell. We make it easy to reach a global audience and post your sold items overseas. 

In fact, with the Global Shipping Programme (GSP) international postage is just as simple as selling to someone in the UK.

All you need to do is post the item to a UK Shipping Centre, and we’ll take care of customs clearance, tracking and all the rest. You don’t have to pay anything extra - just the cost of posting the item to the UK Shipping Centre.

Top Rated

If you're a PowerSeller, you can qualify for eBay Top-rated Seller status at an account level. This means you've met our eBay Top-rated Seller performance standards. Qualifying for eBay Top-rated Seller account status means your listings enjoy improved visibility in Best Match search results.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for other KPIs or features on our dashboard, we would love to hear from you!

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