Existing customers may have noticed that we have made some changes to our toolset.  This is part of some work that we are doing to simplify our offering and make it easier to get access to what you need in Optiseller.

The home page and navigation has been reorganised:

The majority of our tools are now only available as part of a plan, so the Tools & Services link has been removed.  The Plans can be accessed from the menu or from the home page.  The free category lookup tool and administration functions can also be accessed from the menu.

The home page has 3 sections;  

The top section displays the tools that you currently have access to as part of your plan (including our free plan).  

The next section allows you to view your current plan and access details on our other plans:

And finally, the section at the bottom outlines any add-ons that we have available.  These are tools or services that are available either as standalone services or do not sit within a plan.

Our pricing & plans are available within the application (under the "plans" menu) or via our website;

We are continuing to work on simplifying our offers and as always welcome any feedback or questions you may have!

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