We have added some new functionality based on feedback that we have received for the Aspect Finder tools, and also on some new data available from eBay.

Summary Report 

There is a new summary report page which shows the total listings with action required by category;

The totals on this screen are dynamic and based on listings which are not "complete", which is a new workflow status that we have added.

Completed Listings

Listings will automatically be "completed" if you successfully revise them within the tool, or alternatively, you can manually tag listings as complete by using the check-boxes and "Tag as complete" button:

By default, "completed" listings will be hidden from view, but this can be toggled using the switch on the top - shown as item (1) in the screenshot below

The total listings remaining are dynamic and will reduce as items are complete.  These can also be clicked to filter on the relevant items.  Shown as item (2) above.

The total listings completed on the current page are also shown as (3).

Category Tool
Our category tool now includes the eBay usage recommendations for each of the aspects (Item Specifics).  These are shown as Required, Recommended or Optional.

We hope you find these enhancements useful, and as always would welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.  Please reach out to us via intercom!

We are continuing to work on further enhancements to the tool and will post further information soon.

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