Optiseller now provides access to TecDoc data including product attributes, fitment notes, imagery and ktypes. This is available in addition to our existing Car Parts services.

The data is currently provided in feed format, typically CSV but we can provide bespoke formats and also have API options that can be discussed if desired.

We can provide data in dumps by Brand / Product Group (e.g. Bosch Windscreen Wipers), or we can provide the data based on an input feed or parts data.

If the input format option is chosen, then the file should be provided in the following format.

Brand, MPN, Ref

  • Brand - The TecDoc brand name
  • MPN - The part number (can be MPN, EAN)
  • Ref - This can be used to cross reference with your own dataset – for example SKU or internal id.

Example: Input sample

Example: Output sample

The output file headings will vary depending on the product segment and the data available from TecDoc but will always include the Brand, Part and Fitment data. If TecDoc have additional product attributes, then there will be an additional column for each of those, and if there are images then links to those will also be made available. If there are OE references available, these will also be made available.

To access images, Optiseller will require a WAN IP that can be whitelisted which will provide 24hrs access to download the images as required. This can be repeated if required.

Optiseller can provide variations on the format and are also open to suggestions for streamlining the integration of the data into customers systems. However, bespoke formats that are for very specific needs, while possible, will incur a cost. If there are enhancements or suggestions that would benefit a wider set of customers, then we may accommodate these free of charge.

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