This October, eBay are introducing new item specific mandates in several categories. 

The improvements will come into effect on 8 October 2019 and will apply to any new or revised listings.  We recommend your sellers make changes to existing listings now to stay ahead of the competition, improve visibility and drive conversion for the business.   

Remember, sellers who complete item specifics sell better than those who don’t.  For example, furniture listings with size item specific filled in sell 56% better than those without.*

For more information on all of the mandated item specifics, including the additional categories from above, go to your Seller Centre and download the relevant excel lists.

Optiseller’s Aspect Finder Tool will automatically review the listings, identify which ones are missing item specifics and extract the information if it’s found elsewhere in the listing. Partners / your sellers can then use the report to bulk update the listings directly on eBay or through your listing tool. 

Optiseller also has our free category tool which allows you to navigate the eBay Category Tree for your region and view all of the required / recommended aspects and values.

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