eBay Parts Compatibility Tool no longer available
How Optiseller UK Parts Compatilbity finder can help
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Previously, the eBay Parts Compatibility Tool would scan your listings and provide File Exchange files containing K-Types to allow you to add compatibility to your eBay UK listings.  eBay have now discontinued this tool.

Optiseller has some tools that can help, but the data currently is provided is different from the eBay Parts Compatibility tool.

Optiseller will scan your listings for parts information such as EANs, Brand and MPN, and then use this data to try and source either an eBay catalog match (EPID), or Make and Model fitment data, both of which will be supplied in a File Exchange format to allow you to update your listings.

ePID data is provided as follows, which will associate your listing with the eBay catalog entry and add the relevant compatibility data:

Make and model data is provided as follows, which will add the relevant compatibly data to your listings:

Full details on this type of data can be found in the eBay File Exchange guide, located at https://securepics.ebaystatic.com/aw/pics/uk/pdf/file_exchange/File_Exchange_Advanced_Instructions.pdf

The UK tool will not currently provide K-Type data

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